We have written, directed and produced more than thirty short films, including “Tangerine Juice” which was commissioned under the UK Film Council and Northern Film & Media Digital Shorts Scheme – Stingers 5.  In 2007 we produced “The Message”, funded by FunkiGroup and Northern Film and Media, which was the winner of the Micro Movies competition hosted on the North East Movies website.  Most of these shorts were written and directed by new filmmakers.   Currently we are in pre-production for two more Stingers – “Arrivals” and “Enemy Lines”.

In the summer of 2007, FNA served as the local production company for the popular US television series “The Bone Detective” currently showing on The Discovery Channel.

Our feature comedy “Get Cuthbert!”, directed by Neil Armstrong, is scheduled for production later this year - click here to find out more about Get Cuthbert!


Other feature-length comedies in development include: 

“The Wedding Auteur”

“God Bless America”

“Puppy Rentals”

“Six Feet Undergrad”