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Welcome to FNA Films, a North Eastern production company who specialise in providing promotional moving image material to organisations for broadcast and non-broadcast.

FNA Films is a new kind of company dedicated to producing engaging and inspiring work – whatever the subject matter. Our team consists of highly creative writers and directors who can literally bring any subject to life – coupled with a dynamic production team who can provide outstanding results on even the tightest of budgets.


About Us
FNA Films was founded in early 2002 by a group of filmmakers who shared a common goal of making commercially viable and entertaining films in the North East of England. Originally a collective FNA Films has recently become a formal company with an exciting slate of feature films and shorts actively in development with some of the most talented new writers in the region.

We are also strong advocates of new film makers particularly those who come “under the radar” of Northern Film and Media. We assist where possible by providing production experience, on-set training, and free logistical support thereby improving the talent base in the North East and preventing industry stagnation.

  FNAfilms  Gateshead International Business Centre  Mulgrave Terrace  Gateshead  Tyne and Wear  NE8 1AN
tel: 0191 490 9321  fax:0191 490 9322  email: info@fnafilms.co.uk
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